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(Pictured above: Amelia Earhart Student Council. Photo - Aldrich M. Tan The Indio Sun)


- Students from Amelia Earhart Elementary School have raised $600 for the Variety of the Desert, a children's nonprofit agency. The money has been used to purchase a 12-passenger van for the Candlelighters Early Childhood Cancer Foundation of the Inland Empire. Candlelighters uses the Sunshine Coach to transport children with cancer to the hospital for treatments and to other activities, executive director Armida Kersey said. The agency plans to use the van for the first time during an event in February, Kersey said. "It's wonderful," she said. "I've only driven it a few times, but it is just very exciting."

Variety of the Desert presented the van to Candlelighters on Dec. 7 during a Bike Giveaway celebration at Palm Springs Motors, said Amy Bohrmann, executive administrator for Variety of the Desert. The group donated a van to Candlelighters nine years ago, but it is no longer functional, Bohrmann said. Courtlyn O'Grady, 10, a member of the Earhart student council, said she has relatives who use the program and saw the original bus.

 "It was completely run-down, and the engine barely started," she said. The Amelia Earhart students chose to raise money for the Sunshine Coach as part of their annual fundraising project. Each year, the students decide on a fundraiser to work on in November, said Cindy Stern, fifth-grade teacher and student council adviser. The student council voted for the Sunshine Coach project and set a goal of $500, Stern said. By the first week of December, the council collected $600.The students made 40 containers and gave them to every classroom, said Danielle Rudolph, 10. It took a long time to count all of those coins each week, said 10-year-old Lydia Tristan. There were many pennies and very few dollar bills, Tristan said. It would take an entire recess to count all the coins and then get the containers back to all of the classes. The drive ended the first week of December. Bailey Levine, 10, said it was an eye-opening experience. "We are luckier than other people, and we need to be grateful for that," she said. Stern said the students ultimately learned leadership skills and are setting an example for their fellow classmates. The council has another charity project in the works, Bailey said. The school will collect items for the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission starting at the end of February.

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A Mothers Anguish

Variety poster boy Angel Valdez’s mother Jennifer, takes him to Loma Linda’s Children’s Hospital for treatment at least once a week.

He is now two years old ? He was born with a rare birth defect called, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital. His arms hang uselessly by his side. Jennifer, a single parent at age 20 carried him to doctors all over the Valley trying to get him help. Loma Linda specialist Dr. Robin Clark told her the only facility in North America that could help Angel was Nemours Children’s Hospital in Wilmington Delaware. 

Variety the Children’s Charity of the Desert adopted Angel and his dedicated mother and made all arrangements for flites, accommodation and all hospital expenses, and sent them to Wilmington Children’s Hospital for five days where Angel was fitted with “Magic Arms.” 

He requires constant and specialized physical therapy. Jennifer’s car spends more times in the shop than it does on the road. She says a prayer every time she and Angel get into it and hopes the tires, the steering and brakes will hold out for one more journey to Loma Linda Hospital.

The most recent trip was a disaster. She ran into a heavy rain shower and her windshield wipers quit. She was blinded and pulled over to the roadside and broke down and  cried while struggling to get them to work. Variety asked the NABC for help. On Wednesday Morning Jan: 15th. at 8:30 at the NABC Annual Conference at Tahquitz Golf & Country Club, at 1885 Golf Club Dr. in Palm Springs the men and women from Auto Body Shops all over America will present Angel and Jennifer with a better than new refurbished 2013 Automobile.

We invite all of you to be a part of it. This time Jennifer’s tears (and ours ) will be of emotional gratitude.


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